Every journey starts with a question…

Questions are the launch pad for the greatest adventures! What if…? Can I…? Are they…? Would you..? In this blog, I am sharing the questions that have been and are taking me deeper into my life’s journey, searching for meaning in the middle of the chaos and normalcy of life. I will try my best to be authentic, sharing the lessons that I picked up on the side of the road of success and failure, friendships, love, parenthood, humanhood, faith, and more…

Whether you landed here on purpose or by accident, feel free to take a pause in the business of life and linger around for a while. The doors of my journal are open for you to sit and relax, reflect on your own journey, be challenged as I was while writing and reflecting. I hope it is a life giving pause to you. If anything picks your interest or intrigues you, I would love to hear from you, the questions that are guiding you, and the adventures you are living…

Latest from the Blog

Why I am Starting a Blog

(And Why It Might Be Something For You Too) There are plenty of great reasons to start a blog. Some people want to share their passion for culinary art, while others blog about their travel. Some want to advocate for a specific cause, or share some of their expertise on a topic. My wife forContinue reading “Why I am Starting a Blog”

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